It is allowed to increase the prices of state contracts up to 30%

The Government of the Russian Federation has allowed to increase the prices of state contracts for construction up to 30%.

The corresponding Resolution No. 1315 of August 9, 2021 was adopted, the purpose of which is to support the construction industry by compensating for additional costs of developers associated with the rise in the cost of building materials. So, now, by agreement of the parties, it is possible to increase the price of the state contract for construction, reconstruction and overhaul, as well as for the preservation of cultural heritage. It is fixed that the change in value should not exceed 30%. In order to agree on new terms, the customer and the contractor must conclude an additional agreement, but this applies to contracts concluded before July 1, 2021, the obligations under which were not fulfilled at the time of the conclusion of the agreement on changing the terms. Contracts worth more than 100 million rubles need to be re-examined within 14 days.

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